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Just4ladies is Singapore based, and established since 30th April 2009.
So far to date, 96 completed sprees (& counting) had been held.
Examples of the sprees we had held are:
Joyce, PGmall, Puffy, Mishop,..etc.

Review By Editorial:

Their website is lovely and organized but it might be hard for others to shop and browse as they don’t use an online shopping cart software. They offer products such as bags, accessories and apparels and they have very easy to follow purchase procedures.

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(Editorial Favourite: Maple Spree Collection,SOLD OUT)

Their accessories are extremely lovable and one of a kind! You can find a testimonial box on their sidebar. I read some of them and they really got good feedbacks.

Visit Them: http://just-4-ladies.blogspot.com/

Note from Editorial:

Just4ladies is certify safe in SafeBlogShopper.com.
Please visit: http://www.safeblogshopper.com/2011/04/28/safe-blogshops/just4ladies-certified-safe.html to read the full review.

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