Go for a Christmas Party with less than $20 spent!

Heading out for the Christmas party? Check out these fabulous BARGAIN Christmas-themed items which I believe, Santa, would love to wear, if only he were a girl!

christmas1 Go for a Christmas Party with less than $20 spent!

1) Embroidered light green and gray long tunic from Her Vintage Store, S$28.00 Now Only! S$19.90

A very pretty, classic and festive-designed tunic perfect for Christmas. I love the embroidery on this tunic. It makes it look classy, and the color makes me remember Christmas Trees!

2) Santa Claus and Friends 4-Piece Earrings from Vanilla Crimson, S$2.90

¬†All these earrings for only S$2.90?! – That’s awesome, isn’t it?! These tiny earrings are perfect to adorn those pretty ears. Not only that, these earrings also spell C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S!!

3) Flouncy Skirt in Flashy Red from Boutique Lane 6, S$26.00 Now Only! S$20.00

This just reminds me of Santa’s outfit. A red skirt is perfect for the Christmas. Fabulous, elegant, festive. The color just attracts attention, and stands out. The perfect Christmas skirt, don’t you think so too?

4) Scarlet Round Neck Chiffon dress from Gipsy Scarlet, S$28.00 Now Only! S$16.00

Now this one is a really good bargain! Imagine having this dress for only S$16.00?! That’s a very cheap price for a very pretty dress. This is a great wear to those Christmas dinners, or parties.

I was so hyped up while writing this post. I just love Christmas, I love gifts, food, the parties! If Santa were a girl, I’ll ask her to make me her stylist. LOL Have fun this Christmas season lovelies!

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