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Luxy Couture is a blogshop and online store founded on January 2012. Luxy Couture unique designed the style they offer as CREME – which means Casual & Classic, Romantic, Elegant, Mature & Easy.

luxycouture Luxy Couture


This CREME Style define the blogshop’s basic selection of apparels to be showcased on their store. Constantly updated with new items and selections, this blogshop is one of the most promised one to get popular this year.


Luxy Couture Dresses

luxycouture1 Luxy Couture

Left: Crepe Sling Dress, $25 – An elegant black sling dress that highlights the body wave line. Marks the sexy and gorgeous you in it.

Right: Chainage Dress in White, $24 – a pretty tube halter tunic dress with lovely chain prints. Made of cotton and polyester, and it’s no doubt comfy.

Editorial Favorite

luxycouture2 Luxy Couture
Freshness Summer, $27 – A fresh of peach pink dress great for all occasions! We just love the touch of pink-ness!

View more on their sales and new collections over here:

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