Seeing Reds and Pinks – 2 Everyday Outfit Ideas!


2 Outfit ideas great for work and play. These outfit sets are inspired by celebs, Emma Rossum and Kate Bosworth.

Kate Bosworth is looking chic and relaxed in this outfit set wearing navy jeans, and casual cardigan over a sleeveless top. Not to mention she is only wearing flat sandals, and she added some sass into her outfit by wearing  sunglasses and a brown bag.
katebosworth Seeing Reds and Pinks   2 Everyday Outfit Ideas!

  1. Black Mesh Tank from Penny in her Pocket, S$5.99
  2. Knitted Cardigan in Chili Red from LoveFiiefiie ,S$23.00
  3. Medium Blue acid washed Jeans from Urban Luxurious,S$24.00
  4. Motion Sunglasses from MissQueenie, S$10.00
  5. Bethany Bag in Coffee from MissQueenie, $32.00
  6. JC Inspired Dark Brown Woody Wedges from Monoduno, S$34.00


Emma Rossum on the other hand is a girly girl in this ensemble. Wearing a hot pink one-piece dress and topped it over wih a biker jacket for a tough touch to the look. She carried a big black bag and not to forget the gorgeous heels.


emmarossum Seeing Reds and Pinks   2 Everyday Outfit Ideas!

  1. Edgy Blazer from MadAboutJu, S$32.00
  2. Bret Reversible Dress in Electric Blue-Magenta from My Glamour Place, S$26.00
  3. Embossed Stylish Bag from MissQueenie, S$27.00
  4. Back Big Ribbon Heels from Xquisis,S$32.90

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