Impress Your Co-Workers and Clients by Dressing Professionally

“How a person dresses is both a physical expression and a nonverbal communication. When you consider the proliferation of makeover shows for both men and women, you can see the power that clothing has over the way we view one another.” – Kristi Hedges @

It is very important for an employee to dress up professionally no matter what work you may have. Dress accordingly to your profession like they say. If you work in the office, dress something office-like and formal, if you are in a job that doesn’t require too much formalities, dress comfortably. And “comfortably” does not mean showing too much skin just because it’s comfortable to you – still keep formal attire.

business casual Women Impress Your Co Workers and Clients by Dressing Professionally

Dressing appropriately not only tells your co-workers around you that you are to be respected, but it also tells you are someone “worthy to work with” and well worth the respect of customers.

  • Wearing a blazer goes a long way toward looking professional, so be sure to keep one with you.
  • A dress is great but make sure that it does not have overly plunging neckline, or it is not too sexy.
  • If attending office parties and trips, the workplace attire rule should still apply.
  • Update your closet once in a while – you don’t want to look the same for your 2nd year or your 3rd year at work.
  • Don’t neglect accessories – they are a great way to add some uniqueness to your working outfit
  • Observe how senior people around your workplace dress up – this will give you an idea of what to wear for work.

Dresses You Can Wear to Work

222 Impress Your Co Workers and Clients by Dressing Professionally

  • Layered Dress in Mustard, S$25.90 – This frock is just lovely. Throw over blazer for a work outfit.
  • Gloom Polka Dot Dress,  S$26.00 – Just the perfect dress for work. Wear a statement necklace with this one.
  • Fallon Dress, S$28.00 – Gorgeous snake-skin printed sophisticated number. This printed frock will bring you from work to play. Throw on a waist belt to add definition to your silhouette.

 Tops You Can Wear to Work

1111 Impress Your Co Workers and Clients by Dressing Professionally

  • Paige Top Cream, S$ 24.00 - A shirt that is worth investing. With it’s chic look, this chiffon shirt is a perfect choice for work or casual. Partner with your favourite denim or sleek pants.
  • Color Block Pastel Shirt, S$27.00 -Lovely color block shirt. Pair with a below the knee skirt or your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Pink/Blue Long Vest, S$25.00 – Throw is over your favorite light-colored longsleeves. This will give it a new look

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