10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!

Super moms are the kind of mothers who is all around and can do almost anything. Whether it’s fixing the light bulb at home, building a garden at the back yard or attending a formal event – these moms can them all! And they only deserve the super kind of gifts to.


W6T04 01 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
SOMMARTIDER Apron,S$13.90 - Keep stains away from your mom’s clothes with these pretty aprons with many prints to choose from. Features an adjustable neck-band to fit any size.

From Blushing Pearl

W6T04 02 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
Lace Travel Pack,S$9.50 - PVC Bags to help you travel in style. Pack your belongings using these pretty laced printed bags. Keep them organized and protected.

From Kawaiikoya

W6T04 03 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
Traveller Set (Passport Wallet + Mini Notebook + Luggage Tag),S$9.90  - If your super mom loves traveling, it’s definitely a must to give her one of this.

From Kawaiikoya

W6T04 04 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
DIY Photo Organiser Box ,S$6.50 - Storage and organizer boxes for the super moms that love a mess-free house. Get her one of these stylish boxes.

From Kawaiikoya

W6T04 05 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
Bag In Bag Traveller 5pcs Set,S$25.00 - Another good gift not only for a super mom that loves traveling but for a mom that loves organizing. A 5 pc set bag to help your belongings protected and organized.

From Paradise of Bags

W6T04 06 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
Ardium Smart Multi Pouch,S$9.90 - Give your mom this pouch for a place to stash her cash or to be a case to her little, pretty phone.

From The iVault

W6T04 07 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
Just Mobile Horizon ipad mount,S$79.90 - If you’re mom loves updating herself and keeping in touch in social networks while cleaning the house, it’s a good thing to give her this iVault. This iVault can help your mom’s ipad become an entertainment hub, her cooking companion and a wall-mounted remote control.

From Sarah Grace

W6T04 08 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
KEY PURSE – ROSE MUSTARD,S$39.00 - This is going to be the super mom’s best friend if ever she’s the type of person to forget easily. A pretty key purse to keep the house keys and car keys in!

From Shopless Singapore

W6T04 09 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
ACCESSORIES TREE,S$17.00 - Now your mom won’t forget her accessories anymore with this white and sleek accessories tree. She can put her car keys here or just any accessories she loves!

From Shopless Singapore

W6T04 010 10 Super Gifts for the Super Mom!
TEA SHIRT,S$18.90 - A great gift for a mom who loves tea. She can put her tea leaves into  this tea shirt and drop this in hot water, and she’ll have that great tea she loves!

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