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Hi readers,
I am so happy to share with you guys a rather versatile yet stylish blogshop which they aims to present a feminine and classy frocks to meet the current fashion trends.

Here’s presenting: Hello Blogshop
helloblogshop Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop

Easy to remember and sounds friendly.
Everyone will be saying ‘Hello’, whenever you meet and greet people.

Let me be your tour guide, for the day, to Hello Blogshop♥

First, you’ll be greeted with their main page and their slogan ‘Affordable happy fashion only at HELLOBLOGSHOP!’ Sounds fan-tastic right, no wonder there’s a lot of ‘fans’ switching over to be their potential shoppers and/or customers.

Recently, they have lauched their latest collection: Up, Up and Away
helloblogshop1 Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop

I guess you might have noticed something, their promotion.
Get $3 off your total purchase with any 2 pieces purchased
Get $5 off your total purchase with minimum 3 pieces purchased.

There’s also a sales category where everything, under sales, cost 10 BUCKS.
YES, 10BUCKS!!!!

If you’ve missed the previous collection, fear not. They have a What’s Available category.

Now, I’ll be reviewing their items(;

First, I got myself a blue skirt.

The details:

Fits UK size 6/8, Material: Quality Cotton
Waist (Unstreched): 21.5 inch
Waist (Fully Stretched): 31 inch
Length: 29 inch
Cost S$18, inclusive of normal postage
 Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop

I know it’s very blurry but I like this picture of me):
Anyway, this piece of skirt is very versatile.
Not only is it suitable for picnic, you can also wear it for lots of occasions like going to school, window-shopping, outing with the girls and, probably, going to work.

The material is definitely make up of quality cotton. Felt soft and smooth.
It’s been awhile since I’ve found this type of material as, you guys may know, lots of clothing are either artificial cotton or mixed together with some other material to make it seems 100% pure cotton.

Next is the Foral Tank Top in Pink.
 Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop
I know I look super causal.

helloblogshop2 Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop
There’s a total of 3 colors up for you to choose: Pink, Hot Pink and Black

Here are the details:
Material: Quality Knitted Cotton (Stretchable)
Length: 23″
PTP: 18″
Cost S$10 mailed

Like what they have stated, I really love the knitted floral. Looks lovely, when I wore it, i cant believe it’s soft in texture. You can pair it with high waist shorts or skirt or normal shorts or skirt.

 Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop
‘Hello’ everyone(;

Some of the pieces which I like from their collection:
cupcake%2Bblouse Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop
Cupcake Blouse – S$18 (inclusive of normal postage)

hello Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop
Chaplin Blouse in White or Black (*NOTE: There’s only white)
Cost S$18, inclusive of normal postage

Wanna get the latest updates from them ??!!
hello2 Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop
Follow their blog.


hello1 Blogger Review: Hello Blogshop
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You can view more of their products and collections in their blogshops


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