Glamourpuss is an online shop and company founded by Daniela who is currently the Resident Editor for the LUXE City Guides Singapore edition. This blogshop will surely make your jaw dropped with it’s feminine and fabulous products for women.
glam Glamourpuss

Glamourpuss’ website which is in pink, is the epitome of elegance and beauty. It also reflects what this pretty online shop has to offer – feminine and pretty items. From techy items to diy and crafts, you’ll surely find it here!

Make-Up Bags

glam2 Glamourpuss

LEFT:Envelope Japan Glitter,S$39.95 / RIGHT:Envelope Mockingbird,S$39.95
Pretty make-up pouches that will surely leave your bag clutter free. It has a space enough to fit all your essentials. Small and very convenient to carry.

Bridal Gifts

glam22 Glamourpuss

LEFT:Coat Hangers Mr & Mrs,S$34.90 / RIGHT:Eye Mask Bride & Groom,S$59.95
The perfect gifts for just-married couple frieds. Glamourpuss’ has a wide range of these gifts and they will surely make your newlywed friends happy. Their bridal gifts are almost all made for pairs!

Lifestyle & Dining

glam222 Glamourpuss

LEFT:Venetian Glass Hanger 3 Butterflies Hook,S$59.90 / RIGHT:Venetian Glass Hanging Frame,S$45.90
A good way to prettify homes is to get one of Glamourpuss’ products for home and dining. They have a variety of products including these beautiful hanger hooks for your accessories and a hanging frame for your photos that has a vintage feel to it.

Editorial Favorite

glam2222 Glamourpuss

DIY Tool Kit Carry Case,S$49.00 – Glamourpuss’ signature DIY tool kit for all the women out there. This is a kit which features 30 pieces of tools enclosed in a slim-line, very feminine, pink case. The contents include: 20-in-1 screwdriver, 3-in-1 level, Hammer, Utility knife, 6″ adjustable spanner, 6.5″ blunt nose pliers, 3m measuring tape, assorted hardware (nails, screws, picture hooks,) and scissors (with its own box). This is a perfect gift for birthdays or mother’s day.

Glamourpuss also has a very great customer service. We got a replacement set of nails after we feedback that some nails we received are rusty. They are really full of surprise. You’ll surely have a fun time shopping from them.

View more on their sales and new collections over here:

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