Who’s That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

Task 02 Halter neck dress Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

Ladies! The sexy yet sophisticated facade is back! From Hollywood all the way to Singapore, halter neck dresses have paved its way towards the fashion world. From being corporate to being a socialite – name it, they have it!



T02 011 Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

KM 1198 Red Dress for All Occasion Sizes 8 to 16, Colors Red and Yellow, RM190/$76.62

A dress that is two-thumps up for semi-formal occasions or a special dinner date. With a meticulously-designed cut and details, this dress will surely wow everyone you encounter along the way!


T02 021 Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

T02-02 Hot Summer Chick Dress Colors: Red, Green, Yellow; $15.00

This floral mini dress is perfect for spring and even for summer! The halter-neck style adds a sexier look will surely blow the guys away.



T02 031 Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

T02-03 Violet Halter Neck Dress Color as per picture, Size 8 Ptp – 16 Ptp, RM180, $72.59

This dress-for-best attire gives a sophisticated look and is spectacular on corporate dinners and even on weddings!



T02 041 Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

The Perfect Bride’s Maid Free size, $45.00

Committed to become a bride’s maid? Here is the one for you! Feel like Juno with this goddess inspired dress and be comfortable with the fabric that can go with your flow!



T02 051 Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

“Layla in Black”  Fits UK 6 to UK 8, $26.00

Your mini black dress just leveled up! It looks like a halter dress but it is not. Feel sexy and look sexy without revealing too much.



T02 062 Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect


Party Halter Dress in Mustard 16″ ptp thick body con material, $15.00

This halter dress will surely get you going and will definitely make the boys ask, “Who’s that chic?” Feel comfy and gorgeous as you rock the night!



T02 071 Whos That Chic? The Halter Dress Effect

Connery Pearl Dress – Turquoise Pit to Pit 17″, Length down from Shoulders 32″, $27.00

This dress will never fail to appreciate you. It suits well for almost any occasion – a day with family or friends, a date, a visit to the mall. It is even perfect for the office, just pair it with a neat blazer!


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