Singapore Blog Awards: One-on-one with CaraMabes

caramabes Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with CaraMabes


Caramabes is one of the top ten finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012, ST701 Category. BlogsShopBuzz had an opportunity to feature CaraMabes.

As described by Miss Caren

CaraMabes is an online Fashion boutique and we bring you both trendy casual and dressy apparel & accessories for all those ladies out there who deserve pretty things. We believe that every lady deserves to pamper themselves once in a while and deserve pretty things through shopping with us!


Story Behind CaraMabes

CaraMabes was started and created by the two sisters, Caren and Mabel. CaraMabes was (now, it’s obvious) the combined name of the founders slash sisters.

CaraMabes started because of the love for fashion and shopping. The sisters finally decided that instead of just shopping for herself, why not share what she likes with others too and poof! CaraMabes was born.


First Challenges of CaraMabes

Inspite of their deep love for fashion, CaraMabes still had difficulties in choosing the apparels and accesories to sell in their blogshop.

Every design you see in CaraMabes is picked carefully that ensures a certain quality in the manufacturing and the materials used to make that particular piece.

In addition to that, they humbly confessed,  “We are still learning but experiences are gained every day in bringing you the best we can.”


CaraMabes’ Fashion Trend

CaraMabes caters to all the moods of the ladies. Whether you want to wear down or dress up, CaraMabes has it. Their style is on both extremes, casual and dressy. “Casual pieces that are easy and can be worn for every day outings and Dressy pieces that are suitable and presentable for events and still be able to make you look effortless.”


thumb Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with CaraMabes

A dress that was featured in their 2012 Valentines Special

Fashion has a very broad definition. Nevertheless, CaraMabes defines it simply. They give the ladies what the ladies need. Take for example the Singaporean Summer. CaraMabes understand perfectly the ladies’ needs to look chic but still fresh and comfy. That is why they introduced the Ribbon Slouchy Pleated Shorts this summer!

caramabes20310 Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with CaraMabes

Ribbon Slouchy Pleated Shorts available at CaraMabes

Singapore Blog Awards

Joining Singapore Blog Awards is one way of sharing their interests with others. CaraMabes hopes that by taking participation in this event, more people will know them and all the ladies out there can share their likes with each other.

Building relationships and interacting with their viewers and fans are the best factor a blog shop should have in order to stand out in the Singapore Blog Awards, CaraMabes stated.

Additionally, the sisters also believed that for a blog to be the best, it must be informative, readable, interesting and helpful in a way that the readers will have a long-term memory of what the blog taught in case it will be needed in the future.

interview4 Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with CaraMabes

One of their Models at CaraMabes


CaraMabes in the Future

CaraMabes fans and customers will not be disappointed with CaraMabes as they will still continue to cater to every woman’s wants and needs. As high fashion upgrades to another level, CaraMabes will still be there upgrading as well. All of these will happen because CaraMabes believes that “Every Lady Deserves Pretty Things”.

Message to Blogshop Fans

For those who have consistently supported and voted for us every day, thank you very much! Please continue to support and vote for CaraMabes for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012ST701 Best Blogshop category!

Your daily votes are greatly appreciated! Help us spread the word to rally for more votes by sharing it in your Facebook and tweeting it in your Twitter.

Stand a chance to WIN attractive prizes and 1 lucky Facebook Winner & 1 lucky Twitter Winner will also WIN a $25 CaraMabes Cash Voucher each!

Find out how here:


Thank you CaraMabes for allowing us to feature you in BlogShopBuzz!  Best of luck in the upcoming Singapore Blog Awards!

A toast to all our finalists!

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