Singapore Blog Awards: One-on-One with Montrose Desires

Montrose Desires is one of the finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012. Established and owned by Sharon, a huge lover of fashion, and Mark, a website expert/creator, Montrose Desires has made its name in Singapore blog shop industry.

Montrose Desires1 Singapore Blog Awards: One on One with Montrose Desires

What’s With the Name?

Sharon and Mark chose the name Montrose Desires together. Montrose (mom-roz) is inspired by an author and Desires is inspired by you and me because basically, we all have our own desires! A unique yet perfect match for a fashion blog name!

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Montrose Desires First Challenges

When we asked Montrose Desires about the difficulties in having a blog shop, this is their response:

“It has to come up with the entire website, to the layout, writing the terms and conditions, and realising there were so many other things we may not have thought of…

Finding models to showcase our items were not easy. We’re glad that we have finally spun off from that stage and everything is in place. We are always improving whenever we have feedback or critics.

It really helps that customers provide feedbacks and only then, we can make ourselves better.”

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Montrose Desires model. Taken at Perth, year 2011.

Montrose Desires‘ Fashion Statement

Sophistication is Montrose Desire’s primary style. Be it a “body-contour dress that hugs beautifully on one’s figure to a lacey piece embellished with bows and crystals”, Montrose Desires makes it sure that they protray a high-street style fashion at a reasonable price.

Montrose Desire’s fashion sense always comes with a theme in mind. This summer, they are having Montrose Splendid Summer with a previous collection, Montrose Bombshell. With the title alone, the viewers can picture a great idea on their minds.

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One of the dress included in Montrose Splendid Summer Collection

Nomination in Singapore Blog Awards

According to BlogShopBuzz’s interview, Montrose Desire was actually nominated by someone (a satisfied customer perhaps!) in Singapore Blog shop Awards. That is when they finally know about such event and they were convinced to join and strive to be one of the finalists. Now that they finally made it, happiness overwhelms them.

When they were asked about the best asset that a blog should have to be part of Singapore’s favorite, they insisted on quality customer service.

“Even if the shop sells super quality and pretty pieces but lacks customer service, a customer will not repeat his/her purchase should they experience poor customer service. Of course, having a site that have plenty of styles to choose from, is easy to navigate and having a great system for payment helps.”

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A testimony of a satisfied customer!


Montrose Desires Looks Forward

When asked about how Montrose Desires sees its future, MD is trying to create products that are not just exclusively manufactured by MD, but also exclusively designed by them! You need not wait too long MD fans, because they are already working on it!

Message to Fans and Customers

As we ended the conversation, we gave MD a chance to thank their fans and customers for the continuous support.

“We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have supported our site and even helped to vote for us for the Singapore Blog Awards for the ST701 Best Blogshop category.Without you guys, we won’t be where we are.

And as a form of appreciation for our fans, we have constant giveaways on our facebook page ( and for the event for Singapore Blog Awards, should we win the title, we are also giving a storewide discount of 25% to thank everybody!

Remember, voting is until 30 June on a daily basis at this url, so do help us vote whenever you can!

Bascially you just need to sign up an account with omy and you can start voting already. Besides, there are fantastic prizes given away by omy, so check it out!”


Thank you Montrose Desires for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of interviewing you. We wish you all the best on the upcoming Singapore Blog Awards 2012!


To those who are interested with MD’s products and blogs, you can browse more here — All images are taken from their facebook account, Shop galore shopaholics!


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