Singapore Blog Awards: One-on-one with the Occasional Traveller Shop

oo Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with the Occasional Traveller Shop

The Occasional Traveller Shop (TOT), owned by Jac, made it to top ten finalist under the category ST701 Best Blogshop! Luckily, Jac allowed BlogShopBuzz to have an interview with her!

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According to Jac when we got to ask her how she wants her blog to bw introduced, she said, “The Occasional Traveller Shop carries travel-inspired and travel-related items sourced from around the world, anything that inspires you to want to travel!”

The Occasional Traveler Shop was named after  Jac’s blog, Being a full time employee, Jac only gets to travel occasionally whenever she gets a time out. This is a reminder that we should try to explore frequently and not just when we are not busy.

jac Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with the Occasional Traveller Shop

Jac, enjoying one of her ‘occasional travels’.

The Challenges in Starting The Occasional Traveller Shop

Though it may not be too obvious with how amazingly her blog looks like, these are her struggles in creating the blog shop,

“I don’t have any retail experience, and web was pretty new to me as well so I really worked my way up from scratch. Also, it’s a one man show, so everything you see from the shop pictures to packages sent out, that’s all me. It gets a bit crazy especially during peak periods!”

The Occasional Traveller Shop’s Fashion Sense

TOT does not have the usual kawaii stuff that typical blog shops sell. Jac herself sell items according to her taste and preferences. And her stuff are mostly bought from a foreign land which she personally chose out. In this way, she is also hoping that she inspires viewers to have a unique taste as well.

Landmark Ring 1 Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with the Occasional Traveller Shop

A Landmark Ring from her blog shop that is being sold for $29.00

Singapore Blog Awards Finalist

Being a traveler, Jac enjoys exposure. She believes that a little publicity will not hurt that is why she was confident to join the competition. And with her unique selling proposition, she also believes that her blog has the greatest factor one must acquire in order to stand out in the Singapore Blog Awards.

bestblogshop Singapore Blog Awards: One on one with the Occasional Traveller Shop


TOT in the Future

For the year 2012, TOT will push through giving its customers more unique blog shopping experiences and daydream travels from reading Miss Jac’s travel blogs. TOT has been a little silent this past few weeks, but we can expect a surprise as TOT starts ‘travelling’ again.

TOT Fans and Customers!

Thanks to anyone who’s popped by or bought anything from me! Your support is much appreciated, and do look out for stuff in the shop soon… also, special promo if you vote for me! Click me!

Thank you The Official Traveller Shop. It was a worldwide experience exploring your blog.

What are you waiting for TOT fans? Cast your votes now!

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