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Hi readers,
Today I am gonna share with you a rather prominent blogshop called CleoCat Wholesale Fashion.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of CleoCat, when I visited their blogshops, my jaw almost dropped off to the ground.
Reason being, the WIDE SPREAD of clothing they offer.
cleocat Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion

From basic tops to winter wear, from earrings to pouches.
cleocat8 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion

Here’s a little background info about CleoCat:

Cleocat-fashion is the leading online fashion store in providing low-priced mass market wholesale fashion clothing in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.
Our business was founded in late 2007 and with reliable sources for wholesale fashion merchandise in Hong Kong, China, Korea, we continue to grow our business presence in South East Asia. In 2010, we created our first in-house brand December-shop to further provide our online fashion clientale with an alternative choice of online fashion clothing.

cleocat2 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion

See the little red box ??!! That’s a key point which I am impressed about them. Basically they offered wholesale fashion at a very cheap rates. Orders with less than 15 pieces online clothes will be considered retail purchases and their prices will be adjusted accordingly.

They are such thoughtful retailer as they have it in Malay to cater to the Malaysians and Indonesian(:

They have a different website for Malaysia too. (click on the image)
cleocat9 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion


I’ll be sharing 3 key points which is 100% UNIQUE & DIFFERENT from other blogshops.

  • Dropship

Its really very troublesome whenever you came across a wholesale blogshop and you will be scratching head trying to hit the minimum quota or just say ‘bye bye’ to the blogshop. Their dropship offers you to buy at wholesale prices without meeting their minimum purchasing requirements! Read about it > Here

  •  Calculator for Postage

This is the BEST feature I’ve ever encountered as you dont have to crack your head, taking out a piece of paper and a pen writing down and calculating away. With this shopping-friendly feature, it really saves all the above ‘method’ times.
cleocat4 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion
Select your country

cleocat5 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion
Select how many pieces you have/would like to order

cleocat6 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion
TA-DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calculated out nicely for you(;

  • Sizing

Have you ever encountered any problems when choosing the clothing you like and once you click on it to check for the available sizing, turns out it doesn’t have your size ??!!

Cleocat has a feature which can be sort by the sizes
cleocat7 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion

Seriously speaking I really had a hard time choosing when you’re definitely spoilt with choices. In the end, I got myself the Relax Long Tunic in Beige which comes together with a pvc leather sash. It comes in navy as well
cleocat11 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion

(click on the image to know the full detail)
What’s more, this tunic comes in L and XL. So ladies, don’t be discourage to wear this tunic if you’re of a bigger size.

I really like how the tunic looks on me, even though some may have a bigger frame on the upper-body but this tunic works wonders by camouflaging and conceals off. I do like the material, chiffon – unlined but not sheer, as well as it feels light-weight and carefree which is my major point when im sourcing for clothes, nowadays.

When I was browsing the web I came across this Chiffon Top
chiffron%2Btop Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion

Which looks exactly the same as the one I got from Bugis Street
chiffron%2Btop1 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion

and what I really hate about myself is that they sell at a much cheaper price):

So ladies or girls, next time if you find any piece while shopping in Bugis Street, do check out their online shop cause you will never know how much you’d have saved by purchasing from them, CleoCat Fashion.”

Before I end my post, I’d like to share with you a video from Budget Barbie hosted by QiuTing, who is also known as QiuQiu. She did an episode on online blogshops and she chose CleoCat as one of her shopping portal(;
cleocat10 Blogger Review   CleoCat Wholesale Fashion
(click on the image to watch the video)

You can skip to 5:30 which QiuQiu introduces CleoCat. Ladies and girls, start shopping away with CleoCat Fashion as they really sell at a SUPER affordable price♥♥♥♥  And dont forget to check out my small little journal


*Credits: picture from CleoCat Fashion

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  1. Louella Lu - July 14, 2012

    Great review!

  2. Funpal - September 6, 2012

    Cleocat Fashion is a total scam!! BOYCOTT CLECOCAT FASHION. THEY CHEATED BUYERS HARD-EARNED MONEY! Their credit balance system is a scam. Expected to pay SGD 150 with a “NON-REFUNDABLE” BACKED BY THEIR TERMS BEHIND. Their Supplier Mei is a Scammer!! have evidence of their shameless transaction dealings with victim buyers online complaints.

    Blogger of this site collected “free clothes” want to say something good for them. Shame!

    • admin - September 7, 2012

      Hi Funpal, the review is based on the product receive. Both BlogshopBuzz and the blogger have no idea about their credit balance system or their supplier. We will relate this to Cleocat and hope they will clarify this matter.

      If anyone has any encounter or experience with any blogshops reviewed, please leave a genuine comment and honest feedback. We welcome all.

  3. Mei - October 5, 2012

    I remember FUNPAL (Hwee Pin Yeo) bought credits of $150 from us, bought only a few pieces of clothings at wholesale prices and insisted refund of the rest of the money, we told her that our minimum is $150 or 15pcs of clothes, and she still insisted on refund, and which we explained then she would have taken advantage of our wholesale prices but without meeting our minimum. She threatened to call the police, and said her business on gmarket/Qoo10 was not doing well. It is a shame that she goes around calling people scammers when she did not reflect on her own actions nor does she understand as a wholesaler, we sell in volume so as to maintain our operating cost.

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