Why Color Blazers Are a Hit

Color blazers are such a hit these days.  But, why? What makes these attractively looking colored blazers such a hit? 2 reasons for colored blazers to be a hit and they are so attractive even at first sight, it makes you want to instantly wear it!

1) Wearing it will give your outfit a plus, it gives a spark to your usual sense of style. Color blazers can turn your outfit into a whole new different style by layering with a color blazer.  From a laid back look, putting on a blazer will give that chic and sophisticated look. From a dainty sundress, use a blazer on top and you are ready for a night’s party.

2) Aside from adding spark to your outfit, blazers are very functional. Being functional, blazers can be your source of warmth during a cold night, a protection from a sunny day’s rays, and a companion when it seems to start raining.

Below are some of the color blazers that may add spark and give that functionality at the same time.


From Hana Secret

T01 011 Why Color Blazers Are a Hit

Masayuki Tangerine Blazer, S$25.00 – This tangerine blazer with drawstring and polka dot sleeve detail is great for a casual look.


From The Velvet Dolls

T01 021 Why Color Blazers Are a Hit

Dahlia Boyfriend Blazer, S$35.00 – A boyfriend blazer is not just for the boys. This mint green boyfriend blazer sure is girly enough for your every ensemble.


From Milly Walker

T01 031 Why Color Blazers Are a Hit

Kimmie Chain Blazer , S$16.00 – Grab an old rose blazer like these, put it on a party dress to get that sophisticated look for the corporate world.


From March Shop

T01 041 Why Color Blazers Are a Hit

Beatrice Blazer, S$28.00 – A bold and bright mustard blazer with a violet color blocking effect of the folded sleeves will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


From Loef

T01 051 Why Color Blazers Are a Hit

Waterfall Blazer, S$39.00 – This jade blazer in waterfall-like curve design is not your average blazer. It gives that well deserved statement in each outfit.


Grab your own blazer and indulge in its gorgeous colors and in the different functionality it will give you. Color Blazers are functional yet totally fashionable.

A freelance writer with a passion for fashion. "Clothing is an external bit of the internal you" -Amy Goodman

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  1. minghui - July 23, 2012

    i <3 waterfall blazar as i've got one from EGP(:

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