All about DIY Ombre Fashion

By on August 20, 2012

If you have not heard of the Ombre fashion trends, it’s not too late to know them now!

The French word ombré means “shaded,” and in fashion it refers to a graduation of darker colours fading to much lighter shades.

Want to rock the Ombre trends this summer? They’re easier than you’d think.


DIY Ombre hair 1 All about DIY Ombre Fashion

As Asians, our hairs are usually dark brown/black coloured, unless you have it bleached previously. To achieve a temporary ombre hair, you can purchase hairchalks at $2 per chalk and DIY according to your preference!

DIY Ombre hair All about DIY Ombre Fashion


Ombre Lips All about DIY Ombre Fashion

OMBRE Lip Method 1

1. Apply your favourite matt lip colour (lighter shade)
2. Use a darker lip pencil/ lipstick to outline your lips
3. Using a clean finger, blend the outline inwards, to create an ombre effect on your lips

Ombre Lips 1 All about DIY Ombre Fashion

Method 2

Step 1: Apply the lighter lipstick (or concealer) on the whole lips
Step 2: Apply the darker, opaque lipstick  in the middle of your pout
Step 3: Blend using your finger, blend the lighter colour into the darker one, while being careful to leave the edges lighter than the middle

ombre lip All about DIY Ombre Fashion


Ombre Nails All about DIY Ombre Fashion

Saving up from your nail parlour visits?

DIY your own ombre nails this season!

1. Paint your favourite contrasting ombre colours on a wet sponge
2. Dab 2-3 coats on your nails for an opaque effect
3. Apply Top Coat


DIY Ombre Nails All about DIY Ombre Fashion


Ombre Top Blush Inc All about DIY Ombre Fashion

The Blush Inc     $28

Ombre Top Earl Grey Party All about DIY Ombre Fashion

Earl Grey Party     $28

Ombre Top Ohsofickle All about DIY Ombre Fashion

Ohsofickle     $21

Ombre Top lacepipe All about DIY Ombre Fashion

Lacepipe     $26.50

Ombre Top dirtybling All about DIY Ombre Fashion

Dirty Bling     $26.50

Now you have learn all about the Ombre Fashion Trends, it’s time to rock it!

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  1. Jessica

    August 25, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    AHHHHH gonna try the ombre nails!! :D

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