All about Wearing Your Statement Trousers

Spring/summer 2012 fashion trend is all about going bold and crazy.  It’s the season that highlights prints, patterns, bright colors, pastel shades and more.  The fashion trend ranges from understated to extravagant.  Fashion designers showcased some of their unique creations, including the statement trousers.  The statement trouser is a key element to the pajama trend. We have seen the emergence of the stylish pajamas as worn by fashionistas and celebrities.

Smocked Waist Pattern Pants

Smoked Waist Patterned Pants All about Wearing Your Statement Trousers

Leopard Print Panel Pants

Leopard Print Panel Pants All about Wearing Your Statement Trousers

This spring/summer 2012, get ready to wear a pair of statement trousers. This statement piece will surely make your outfit stand out. Fashion designers like Anna Sui, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Antonio Marras, Jil Sander, Salvatore Ferragamo presented their versions of this trend in their runway collections.

Animal Print Cropped Pants

Animal Print Cropped Pants All about Wearing Your Statement Trousers
Statement trousers can be a little intimidating for some but wearing the trend is not that difficult. The trousers are great statement pieces.  It’s versatile,scene-stealing and chic. For spring/summer 2012, you can go over-the-top with this trend.  Statement trousers had been spotted in the streets and magazines.  You can choose from bold colored trousers, printed trousers, wide legged trousers and more. This trend is all about being unique and bold.

Drawstring Waist Printed Harem Pants

Drawstring Waist Printed Harem Pants All about Wearing Your Statement Trousers
Wearing trousers during summer may seem uncomfortable, but you can always wear lightweight fabric.  Statement trousers in silk, cotton and polyester are perfect for spring and summer.  You can also mix and match other trends that are hot this season.
How to Wear Statement Trousers
  • Statement trousers are not for the shy type.  When wearing a pair of statement trousers make sure you have the confidence to pull of the look.
  • Wear an interesting pair of statement trousers that feature bold prints and patterns.
  • You can also wear the pajama trousers for an updated summer look.
  • Opt for lightweight fabrics.
  • Wear slim fit trousers for a chic look.  Don’t go for statement trousers with too many pockets.
  • Classic silhouettes are perfect for everyday outfit.
  • Pair your statement trousers with bright accessories.
  • Wear heels, pumps or wedges when wearing statement trousers.  The illusion of height creates a fashion forward look.
  • If you want to go over-the-top with the trend, pair your statement trousers with prints.  The print on print trend is one of the hottest looks for spring/summer 2012.
  • Bright colored statement pants look great when paired with pastel or neutral colors.

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