Blogger Review: Cutey is In!

By on August 13, 2012

Are you into charm bracelets?

If you are, you are in luck. Today, I will be sharing with you a UK based company, Cutey. Cutey was founded in 2011 and can be considered a baby corporation. However, their products are sophisticated and lovingly stylish. It just takes one look for them to steal your heart.

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If you are worried that overseas mail may take a long time, I can assure you that Cutey is worth the wait. The package came within one week and I was positively overjoyed with the content.

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And true to its picture on the site, the Hemera Charm Bracelet was both a looker both online and in reality. It is pretty much like a pandora charm bracelet, just that it is easier on the pockets.

20120731094619 300x162 Blogger Review: Cutey is In!

And the contrasting red stood out pretty well against my bronze skin although a fairer skin tone would probably better bring out the beauty of this charm bracelet.

20120731094646 300x162 Blogger Review: Cutey is In!

In some reviews, the clasp was said to be loose. However, I thought it was pretty well secured. Most importantly, it was easy to wear the bracelet yourself without any aid.

20120731094718 300x162 Blogger Review: Cutey is In!

The Shamballa Bracelet was definitely more charming than in picture on the site. It was so shiny and breathe-taking.

20120731094825 300x162 Blogger Review: Cutey is In!

And it looked so good around my wrist.

If you are interested in getting one yourself, visit cutey at and like them on Facebook at  to show them some love.

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