Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

Sheer clothing may not be the best idea for fall or winter but it is still an on going trend. Wearing sheer clothing may mean baring some parts you don’t usually bare.

But for those who are a bit shy to try sheer clothing, there are ways to solve that dilemma:

1) Wear it over a basic tank top, 2) Wear a blazer or cardigan over it, 3) Play with prints or patterns so you confuse those who look at you as a means of a camouflage, 4)Choose a thicker kind of sheer material which is opaque enough  but still show a hint of skin. Here are a few of Sheer tops we’ve chosen for you.

From Front Edge

T03 012 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

Oversized Sheer Top, S$23.90 – A kind of mullet-style sheer top designed in bat wing sleeves. Choose the right inner top or brassiere for this very sheer teal oversize top.

From Flare Play

T03 022 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor  

Scallop Top, S$15.00 – This sheer top design with scallop trimmings is a nice dainty casual top. Just layer it with other colors and pair it with any bottom for a great look.

From Her Vintage Store

T03 032 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

Marshmallow Button Up Top, S$23.00 – For a casual look while showing some of that skin, this button up sheer top is perfect!

From ViVi Doll

T03 042 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

ViVi Top, S$19.00 – This pearl chiffon sheer top exudes sexiness and sophistication, baring those shoulders through the slit from the contrasting colored collar. This top is ideal for parties.

From Badangdangs

T03 051 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

White Collar Sheer Shirt, S$17.50 – A gorgeous top combining sheer and pleats. This chiffon made sheer top is great for office attire, or casual wear, or even a romantic dinner, with just the right bottom, shoes and accessories.

From Love at Nine

T03 061 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

Butterfly Myriad Blouse, S$23.80 – Dress casually in this navy blue chiffon/polyester sheer top with butterfly prints.

From Dirty Bling

T03 071 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

Flag Sheer Tank, S$23.00 – A Union Jack sheer tank top for another casual day outside with friends, or some alone time to relax.

From Closet of Faith

T03 081 Fall/Winter Report: Sheer Factor

Zara Inspired Necklace Halter Top, S$27.00 – A halter sheer top, designed with a leather halter neckline adds a sophisticated rock star effect.


For fall or winter, the trend still permits the use of sheer tops or dresses without criticism. Just pair it with the right bottom and shoes, layer it with the right inner top or blazer, to give the right warmth during the season.

A freelance writer with a passion for fashion. "Clothing is an external bit of the internal you" -Amy Goodman

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  1. minghui - August 10, 2012

    i love the piece from Her Vintage Store(;

  2. Jessica - August 10, 2012

    Really love sheer clothing, cause that means i can experiment with layering! ^^

  3. Jia Wei - August 26, 2012

    like the piece from closet of faith! :)

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