Luscious in Lace!

Some of us may think that lace is reserved for wedding gowns alone. However, the trend is madly in love with lace. Lace is so sexy on just about any type of clothing. It gives that femininity we’ve always wanted. Even on casual or edgy outfits, lace is your step to sexiness and femininity. Check out these pieces we’ve chosen.

From Tracyeinny

T01 05 Luscious in Lace!

Fannie Lace Dress, S$28.00 – Lace can make any simple dress stand out. An example of that is this teal dress, designed with lace sleeves.

From Lady Coco

T01 01 Luscious in Lace! ,

Grace Lace Blouse, S$9.90 – Lace definitely adds sexiness to your average blouse. This unique mandarin collar with lace panel and pearl studs will make you want to wear it often.

From Shop La Bellavita

T01 02 Luscious in Lace!

Athila Bandage Lace Dress, S$26.90 – This nude body-con dress will give a lasting impression when worn. The lace detail sure compliments the dress and your body.

From Ace Couture

T01 03 Luscious in Lace!

Fran Floral Lace Shell Shorts, S$22.00 – When in casual wear, you can still look elegantly sexy with this lace shorts. It is designed with pleats to create that smooth body outline.

From The Crimson Velvet

T01 04 Luscious in Lace!

Simona Lace Bandage Skirt, S$25.00 – Who says lace is only for neutral colors? This red lace bandage skirt sure defied it. Be sexy and at the same time have fun with bright colors.

From Klarra

T01 06 Luscious in Lace!

Tiana Lace Peplum Dress, S$27.00 – Pairing of something plain with lace comes in 1 piece. This dress is a perfect match as it exudes simplicity for the upper part and elegance on the bottom part.

From Love Mi

T01 07 Luscious in Lace!

Slanted Lace Dress, S$36.90 – Again, a lace accent gave this simple plain dress a plus. This brightly colored pink dress with slanted lace  is never boring.

From Kissable Bella

T01 08 Luscious in Lace!

Coffee Lace Top, S$22.00 – You can never go wrong with a neutral colored lace top. Pair it with just about anything!

From The Tinsel Rack

T01 09 Luscious in Lace!

Dandelion Lace Dress, S$30.00 – Wear this stunning lace dress casually or elegantly. It can go both ways by simply pairing it with the right shoes and accessories.

From Cher Samme

T01 10 Luscious in Lace!

Lace Charm Blouson, S$26.00 – Even the smallest hint of lace, sure makes a difference. This lace collared top gives that causal yet feminine look.


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  1. Jessica - August 19, 2012

    Looove lace! They should hv it in more colours other than the normal black and cream! :)

  2. minghui - August 19, 2012

    its a sad life when you’re allergy to lace):

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